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"Making space for rest that restores us."- Magnolia Journal

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

On this brisk and sunny Sunday, I was reflecting on this past weeks unfolding's and anticipating the week ahead while thumbing through the newest issue of Magnolia Journal gifted to me.

The irony of receiving this magazine focused on rest, reflection and restoration came at a time I found frustrating all but 4 days ago. I was reminded by my business coach to take adjust my mindset; what I was viewing as a week of stagnate progress could/should be viewed as a time to decompress, reconnect and be creative. All things I "wish" I had time for when my weeks present themselves in my daily tasks.

While I appreciate a good book, one of substance, meaning and true purpose, this magazine is SCREAMING at my every question these past few weeks.

I speak to God often, too often, I joke! I continually thank Him for this calling I am on, to bring a fully accessible amusement park to our St. Louis community. An amusement park for EVERY body, for ALL abilities. For a community that is so often overlooked and under appreciated. For St. Louis, who so badly needs a WIN. I talk to God as if I am talking to my best friend. (And this relationship did NOT happen overnight. Cradle Catholic and just now learning how to be in a true relationship with Him.) With gratitude, with doubt in myself, with questions about the how's and why's and with the hope that my mind and heart are fully OPEN to hear His response. Through the articles in this magazine, I feel the presence of God- my openness to accept this gifted magazine, the time to read and soak in the messages, and the compassion to keep moving forward and being rejuvenated to do so.

As the city prepares to be on lock down through the Thanksgiving season, I am going to finish reading this gifted magazine. I am going to self reflect, take time to do some much needed self care and truly do what I love with the ones I love! I will be watching one of my most favorite movies, reflect and put into action one of my favorite quotes, "Great moments are born from great opportunities." - Herb Brooks. During this season of gratitude, let's try to make great moments from this opportunity (although enforced) to be with the ones that truly matter. Try and take this time to live a NO REGRET life.

Thank you to the team at Magnolia Journal, for this issue of personal inspiration, professional reassurance and overall positive example of GO BIG or GO HOME! And thank you to the team of Spirit of Discovery Park, past, present and FUTURE. Your time, talent, dedication and perseverance is admirable and appreciated! Truly! -Until next time, jamie : )

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