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The turning of a page. A new chapter begins.

Summer is wrapping up and on this dreary August day, I find myself reviewing previous goals, adding new ones, and adjusting to the upcoming chaos, we call the school year. Asked to assist, my soon to be college freshman, organize his packing while work on my 3rd and 4th quarter strategic plan for assisting, advocating, and educating ALL abilities, my heart feels full.

I am proud of the work I have done with SoDP; bringing awareness and change to the disability community as well as the preparedness of my first born as he ventures off into new beginnings and exciting times. Turning the page and beginning a new chapter for him and myself. So good yet so uncertain.

To all those with children heading to high school, college, or a new school in general, be there for them as you GIVE THEM SPACE. Watch them as they organize their backpack, problem solve through packing their shower caddy and clothing, and wait for your heart to overflow with pride and joy seeing their sense of accomplishment when the tasks get checked off the list! Take a moment to relish in the time well spent. YOU raised a solid human being that is going to be a contributing member of society and that chapter is about to begin. Enoy it! As will I.

I need to wrap up so that I can continue detailing out some new ideas, programs, and events for ALL abilities that are SCALABLE! In the meantime, if you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out, I'm here, personally and professionally!

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