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A theme park for children, adults, and our veterans, with mental, physical, or 

intellectual disabilities coming soon to the

St. Louis metro area.

Join us on our mission to build the newest and most innovated, fully-accessible amusement park and greenhouse, in the world, for those of ALL abilities, to the Midwest.



Many of us have fond memories of visiting theme parks as children, but not everyone can be so lucky. There are children and parents all across our world that have challenges that prevent them from enjoying theme parks and activities of many kinds. Recently, a group of individuals has come together to give their time and talent to take on the monumental task of developing an amusement park specifically designed for EVERY body, including those with physical and mental disabilities and our Veterans. Once built, families will visit this park without the fear of a loved one being left out of the fun. 

Learn more about what we are trying to do by

listening to an interview with Jamie Vann on

Bill Ellis's What's the Point?

About SoDP

 Spirit of Discovery Park will be located in the metro St. Louis area and will provide our guests and their families an amusement park with full access:


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Spirit of Discovery Park will offer inclusion to ALL individuals, with or without special needs, regardless of age, ability or mental acumen; a place where every feature has been designed and crafted in a way that enables them to be enjoyed by EVERY body in the park. 


Specifically yet not limited to those individuals and their families with Downs syndrome, Autism, PTSD, any person battling a life threatening disease and the hearing, visually, mentally and physically impaired; welcoming EVERY body  in tennis shoes to hospital beds.

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Spirit of Discovery Park will further the 501©3 charitable purpose by providing those of ALL abilities and their family members an experience that is equal to that of any other child/person and the experience that child/family may have at a public facility that is NOT fully accessible.


By relying on charitable contributions to fund Spirit of Discovery Park and reinvest in it year after year, those of ALL abilities can enter for FREE, delivering reoccurring experiences and memories for EVERY body!

Help us build this park.

With your help, we can truly change the world together.

Please remember, all it takes a bunch of people pulling on the same rope.  Will you pull with us?

"Why I support Spirit of Discovery Park."

SoDP Advisory Board Member John O'Leary

Speaker - Author - Entrepreneur 

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SoDP's Phase 1  $5 MILLION 
Child in wheelchair swing

In order to make our SoDP a reality, we have created conceptual artwork and have submitted an offer on a parcel of land that we hope will be SoDP's FOREVER home.  We have already performed the following while we solidify key relationships and await our pro forma. 

  • a Phase 1, 

  • environmental study,

  • soil testing,

  • economic impact study

Our next steps include;

  • closing on the land,

  • develop 3-D renderings and architectural drawings for the City's approval,

  • Launch our Capital Campaign for Phase II

These items will be used to make presentations to city governments, elected officials, business owners, corporations, and philanthropists. SoDP plans to raise these funds through various outlets including grants, fundraisers, and community outreach programs. Corporate campaigning will continue through social media and face-to-face networking, delivering the message that people of ALL disabilities and special needs deserve a place.

child in wheelchair swing

 Once SoDP is in place, we will proudly and prominently display our supportive donors; recognizing EVERY donation received.

SoDP's Community Partners

"It is kind of fun to do the impossible."  - Walt Disney

We are honored and grateful for the support from our Community Partners.

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