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Who were you made to be?

For those of you who REALLY know me, you know that I have a love of children's books. I love so much about them; their simplistic wording, their powerful messages, their bright colors and honestly, the smell of a hard cover book is like no other. (Well, maybe a brand new box of Crayola crayons, 8 or 64, it doesn't matter!) There is something magical about the glossy jackets to protect the texture of the front and back covers that's bindings are hand-sewn. And aw, the feel of the pages on your fingertips. There is truly nothing like it!

Right before Thanksgiving, I found myself immersed into research pertaining to the Greenhouse at SoDP, when I stumbled across a children's gardening book that I had been slightly aware of called We are the Gardeners by the popular HGTV star and designers, Joanna Gaines. I had heard a brief interview about this book and quickly dismissed it since it didn't serve the purpose of my research. To my surprise, the book was accompanied by a second, again, not serving my purpose-driven task at hand, yet more insightful than I realized in that moment. It brought me back to a profound June meeting.

Just over 4 years ago, this past summer, I had a conversation with a gentleman whom I learned was doing BIG things. Come to realize, he too, was a BIG thinker, an innovator trying to change what he knew business and social community's could and more importantly, SHOULD be. We met over coffee and as he sat down, he asked me if I knew what the first 5 words of the bible were? Being cradle Catholic, I thought to myself as he replied in his next breath, "In the beginning, God created." Our conversation, as many more over the years did, grew very philosophical and intense. The more intense, the more creative. The more creative, the bigger the dreams. In these moments, the first 5 words of quite possibly the most read and best-book ever written, kept ringing true- in me.

Creating something from an idea, from nothing some say, is empowering. Empowering to the dreamer, empowering for the onlookers and I believe we ALL can become empowered through creativity, if our minds are open and we believe we can. Hence the calling I find myself on. Spirit of Discovery Park didn't start out, in my eyes, as a calling. A challenge, absolutely. A calling, NO! I didn't realize my creativity, persistence and grit were three gifts I was born with that would keep this monumental project moving forward, day after day, year after year. I wish I was born with patience although through this journey, I've realized that God doesn't grant patience but presents opportunities be patient. Hard lesson for a stubborn person!

The newest Joanna Gaines children's book, The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be, the one stumbled onto during greenhouse research, simplistically summarizes, through poetic tones and brilliantly colored illustrations, the deep discussion had at the coffee shop. EVERY body must read gem of inclusion, acceptance and kindness! It's timely, charming and oh, so true! I encourage you to add it to your library and ignite the creative child within yourself! -Until next time, jamie : )

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