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The people that give you their food give you their heart.– Cesar Chavez

Chavez's quote truly depicts one unwritten understanding; the sharing of a meal with another human being is powerful. Food is an extension of one's heart and soul. One, if not the most famous sharing of food is The Last Supper. Jesus gathered around a table, broke bread, and share His last meal with his 12 disciples. So famous, Leonardo da Vinci painted it.

As the final days of 2022 approach, family and friends gather around in the kitchen and around the table and the smells of cinnamon and spice and EVERYthing nice fill your home, Spirit of Discovery Park hope's you will share a piece of your heart by sharing YOUR favorite recipe (or 2 or 3) with us!

Thank you to those who have submitted their treasures. Collectively, 100+ recipes have already been cataloged and SoDP is engaging with our patrons, guests, volunteers, and prayer warriors from 2016 until NOW regarding our first "family" cookbook. With such a great response, we are expected to launch early, with plenty of time for Mother's Day.

As you begin your holiday meal preparations, please snap a picture of your recipe card and email it to: SoDP is anticipating 250+ recipes and are looking forward to your favorites being a part of this publication!

This collection is truly an extension of SoDP and our vision to bring JOY to EVERY body so it's with grateful hearts and many holiday blessings!

Your Spirit of Discovery Park Family

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