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The countdown to 2021 is ON!

There's a fire crackling in the fireplace, serenity, balance, and elevation diffusing, the sound of cars buzzing by, our American flag swaying slowly in the breeze with the silhouette of the township's church just a stones throw away. As I gaze out my front window on this dreary, rainy day, I find myself reflecting, deeply. Although these sounds, smells and images normally bring upon peace I question why my heart feels so unsettled.

This year started out so promising and solid. Goals set. Plans in place. Action being taken. As the 1st quarter of a promising year began to wrap up, isolation set in. Confinement was required. Answers were unknown. Fear overtook faith.

Over the months, I counted my many blessings and prayed about my worries. The worries became minimal and the blessing multiplied. Countless prayers, shot out like arrows, as blessing were revealed throughout my days. Inspiration was plentiful and creativity was flowing yet today, I try and muster up the spirit on how to engage and inspire others to join this crazy train we call Spirit of Discovery Park? How will all the pieces align? When will the mountain become a mole hill? Who will help get us there? How do we motivate these allies? Where do we find them? How do we lead and develop them? How do I encourage and motivate my team? How do I teach and support my family? What does all this LOOK like?

With so many unknowns, dozens of unanswered questions, emails and texts and so much negativity compounded by continued uncertainties, one thing remains, hope.

Christmas and birthday cards continue to stagger in, day after day; reassuring friendship, kindness and hope for tomorrow. It can't RAIN forever. The sun WILL shine. Progress IS happening. Love TRUMPS hate. Keep the faith and trust in the seeds that have been planted, for some seeds sprout when you least expect it, like this one!

I am grateful to have had this envelope and gift in my mailbox! It's moments like this one that can create a change to my motivation, mindset and heart, instantly. Unexpected "miracles" make this calling SO worth it! Today is GOOD day! I am grateful for the time to devote, sharing these moments through this blog. Time and time again, I have been encouraged to write down EVERYTHING regarding this journey, this calling I am on. The ups and downs, the circles we have experienced and jumped through and the human interaction. The various human involvement and levels of intensity and joy each and every one of them has brought to the table! What a creative way to unfold and document.

As the fireplace continues to crackle, serenity, balance, and elevation continue to diffuse, cars still buzzing by, I am now overcome with gratitude as I stare out at our American flag swaying slowly in the breeze with the silhouette of the community church in the background. I find myself shooting off prayers of thanksgiving to the men and women who have and continue to give of themselves to allow me the freedom to write to you on my couch. I gaze out my front window on this dreary, rainy day thanking God for the roof over my head and for gracing me with a project so impactful. These sites, sounds, and smells have made my heart overflow!

Let the countdown to 2021 begin yet remember to count the blessing that HAVE come from 2020! Until next time and NEXT YEAR, jamie : )

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