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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

After our team exhausted our creativity RENAMING our amusement park (a story for another time) it was time to create our logo. Having a board with STRONG marketing and advertising backgrounds, I knew this process was going to be challenging and FUN!

Excited about the name, Spirit of Discovery Park, our VP, still longed for the same look, feel and wonderment World's Fair Park- St. Louis brought. The bringing our cultures, foods, countries and experiences together. Old world charm mixed with vintage flair needed to be captured in a logo to last a lifetime. And after hours of research, he found a local company that takes inspiration from vintage advertisements as creates unique and long-lasting works of art.

After speaking with the creative design team, in great detail, SoDP was presented with 3 version of a logo. These were presented in pencil sketch format, with colors to be determined AFTER our design choice was finalized. Here were our choices and in the order they were presented to us:

SO, little did I know, there is method to the sequencing of the presented images. Apparently, the artist places his/her favorite piece LAST and his/her least favorite in the middle! And it worked!

The completion process took a few additional months; testing different colors schemes, adding and subtracting various details, and voting on whether or not the iconic, St. Louis Arch should be included in our logo. Once all the details were ironed out, Spirit of Discovery Park had a logo.

We hope you feel as confident in our logo exploration process as we do! We couldn't be more proud and appreciative to the Art Farm team! Signing off, for now- jame

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