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Coming soon to Spirit of Discovery Park!

In uncertain times, one thing is for certain.... this TOOLS along with the passion and purpose of SoDP. We are inspiring healthy living around the world under Spirit of Discovery Park’s umbrella. This tool, given to us by 1 of the 17 Disney Epcot scientists, the aeroponic vertical garden will allow and provide a safe, stress-free, working environment for our Veteran’s, as they transition into civilian life; whether that be through Corporate America, entrepreneurship or staying with us. Our guests will have the opportunity to embark on the technological and agricultural wave of the future, Aeroponic Vertical Gardening, throughout SoDP which will provide the perfect platform to educate the young and young at heart about healthy living, sustainability and life-long habit forming. The application of BOTH indoor and outdoor growing will allow guests to use what they have experienced and eaten to inspire healthy living in their daily lives through the educational tool of sustainable, organic growing.

Why wait? Anybody interested in; -growing naturally -changing their eating lifestyle -focusing on a budget -craving a new hobby

-tired of weeding -building a business/a plan B -wanting to teach through food -desiring something new -etc.

This true Plug. Plant. Pick, system can be yours TODAY. Amazing to watch grow. Calming to listen to. Over the past 9 years, I have been able to grow and educate so many, children and adults, on and with this amazing tool. Through education, we all pay it forward and that’s what it’s all about! Learning. Growing. Sharing.

If you, your family or friends have ever been interested in growing UP, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready to answer all your Q&A's all day, any day. Click HERE and 100% proceeds go to nonprofit, Spirit of Discovery Park, when ordered from the link above!

Don't have one? Get one!

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