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The vision of Spirit of Discovery Park was one of the simplistic and purest tasks completed since February of 2016. I was a simple question asked to a fellow board member, who happened to be hospital bound and bedridden, at that moment, although looking back, probably in his most clear and truthful state. When discussion the infantile details of our nonprofit, knowing vision and mission states although very different, need to be very succinct. I asked, "what do you think our Vision statement should be?" And without batting an eye, he responded, "Joy for EVERY body."

A few weeks ago, as I was in 9am mass, I found myself needing for something BIG. I knew exactly what I WANTED yet I wasn't particularly certain what I needed. As I listened to both readings followed by the gospel, Msgr., began his sermon, from behind the alter vs. the pulpit because of his medical mobile scooter. New to the parish, I rarely heard him speak, yet his message was heard LOUD AND CLEAR! His opening sentence of his homily, God is Joy.

If you have followed out blog, you know that I do NOT believe in coincidences. I feel everything happens for a reason; in God's time, not ours. And on this particular Sunday, the overwhelming need for something BIG was being spoken so clearly, so simply and by a child of God that SoDP will be serving! My heart was overflowing! I found my arrow prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude being shot off every few moments. It was amazing and so appreciated!

Life isn't easy. Nothing amazing is. Yet in the grand scheme of it, God IS Joy and what else do we need? Choose JOY! - jamie : )

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