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A theme park for EVERYbody, including our Veterans, no matter their mental, physical, or social capabilities, will draw National and International guests and our efforts will have an immense, vertical reach on the economic impact especially employment, tourism, and hospitality.

As SoDP expands our grass roots initiative, we continue to serve the disabled community all while moving our mission forward.  We have implemented programs and projects with local, nonprofit organizations, like St. Louis Community College, Veteran’s Affairs, The Pioneer Bakery,  and Waigand Wheels, that encompassed our 3 “E” practices: barrier-free Entertainment, life-skills Education, and meaningful Employment. 



SoDP is a grass-roots,

Economic and Educational Initiative of Inclusion

through the creation of impactful family experiences, equal opportunities to educate and employ hundreds of people of ALL abilities, including our converting Veterans, and open the eyes of the Region. 

Learn more about what we are trying to do by

listening to an interview with Jamie Vann on

Bill Ellis's What's the Point?

About SoDP

 Spirit of Discovery Park will be located in the Midwest and will provide our guests and their families an Epcot-like campus with barrier-free access:


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Our team at SoDP is motivated daily by the actions and impact being felt and communicated BY the community, within our community.  This is a passion project that is bringing inclusion and accessibility to the front of the discussion. Inaccessibility is more than an inconvenience that only affects a few.  It tells the growing, temporary and permanently disabled community that you cannot participate.  Inaccessibility is exclusion.  It is segregation.  It is isolation. And it is avoidable.

"Why I support Spirit of Discovery Park."

SoDP Advisory Board Member John O'Leary

Speaker - Author - Entrepreneur 

SoDP's Phase 1 : LAND and FUND$
Child in wheelchair swing

In order to make our SoDP a reality, we have created conceptual artwork, executed our Proforma, have a 2-D rendering with Site Key for investment opportunities, and narrowed our land search to 3 properties.  

Our next steps include;

  • continued meetings with City leadership

  • closing on the land

  • develop 3-D renderings and architectural drawings for the City's approval

  • Launch our Capital Campaign for Phase II

child in wheelchair swing

SoDP's Community Partners

"It is kind of fun to do the impossible."  - Walt Disney

We are honored and grateful for the support from our Community Partners.

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